Anansi and Turtle and Frau Holle

Mew Lab , Shaun Clark and Kim Noce, have been busy making two, five minute films for the BBC. Both films are aimed at 7-11 year olds and are to be recorded in many different languages as part of the “Telling Tales” series.

Frau Holle (WATCH )

In this traditional German folk tale, the gentle Clara falls down a well and ends up in a strange land where she moves in with the wily witch, Frau Holle.

She is rewarded with gold for her help and hard work, but when her lazy stepsister seeks the same experience, she is in for a surprise.

Anansi and the Turtle (WATCH )

Anansi invites Turtle into her home to share a meal, but contrives to eat all the yams herself – leaving Turtle hungry. Turtle returns the compliment by inviting Anansi to join him – and cleverly gets his own back.


About MewLab

Welcome to Mew Lab, the collective talent of Shaun Clark and Kim Noce. We are freelance Animator Director and Animators
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