8th Athens AnimFest

8th Athene Film Festival 2013 mewlab lady and the tooth high above the sky

Two of our films have been selected for the 8th Athens AnimFest to screen durning mach 7-13 in the International Competition  Program 1

The 8th Athens International Animation Festival, called Animfest, will run from March 7-13 and feature dozens of animated films, shown at the Greek Film Archive/Film Museum, including many from other countries. For the competition section the festival screen the best animation around europe with 84 animation short films will participating in the animation contest, 55 from which are student films and 24 Greek.

The festival includes an extensive tribute to French animation movies, with 64 films, as well as a tribute to the Polish studio SE-MA-FOR, with 19 movies.

Under the title Neighbors’ Animation, nine films from various European countries, such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania, will be screened.

A short four-film tribute will be presented to honor the Russian and French stop-motion animator, Vladislav Starevich, notable as the author of the first puppet-animated film, accompanied by modern music from Brooding Side Of Madness.

Lady and the tooth

High above the sky


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