Landshuter Kurz Film Festival Screening

landshuter film festival

“Lady and the tooth” Directed by Shaun Clark will screen at this years Landshut Kurz Film Festival.

Festival Director Michael Orth talks about what short films inspire him

“For me a good short is really quick at getting to the point. The first frames, the first pictures I see from a film are essential. If the first scene is good and it inspires me, then most of the time I’ll love the whole film. This is very important to me and a short film should come very close and very quick to the point of what the film wants to tell. It’s a short – don’t waste time!”

The Landshut Short Film Festival takes place every year since its inception in 2000 traditionally held in March and will be held and organized by the nonprofit Dynamo Short eV. The short film festival has four venues which adds to the distinctive charm of the festival. From art house cinemas to multiplex, all styles are represented and there are halls with capacities 60-450 seats available. The Festival sees itself as a pioneer in digital projection technology and was the first festival in Germany to project films on DCP. In 2007, the Landshut Short Film Festival was awarded the Culture Prize of the E.ON Bayern AG awarded.

Lady and the tooth landshuter film festival


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