Kim Noce talk hosted by Animate Projects : Persistence of Vision for Underwire Festival

MewLab Director Kim Noce has been invite to talk at Underwire Festival for the event hosted by Animate Projects  “Persistence of Vision ” on November 15, 2014 2:00 pm.

Kim Noce will showcase some of her work and discussing her journey in the animation world. She will be sharing the stage with Kris Hofmann & Laura Hulme.

Here a blurb about the event: “Hear from established animation professionals on how to make your mark in the business – whether it be working independently, in a studio, or mixing both worlds – and how to stay true to your vision at the same time. The panel will feature animators Kris Hofmann, Laura Hulme and Kim Noce, who will present their personal and commercial work, and will be chaired by producer Abigail Addison from Animate Projects.

You can buy tickets here


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