Anima Mundi screens “The evening her mind jumped out of her head”

anima mundi poster

Anima mundi is the International animation festival of Brazil and in this years edition “The evening her mind jumped out of her head” will be in the competitive short film section. This year sees Anima Mundi celebrate its 23rd year anniversary. Taking place in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Anima Mundi had over 1500 entries for this years event.

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This year, about 45,000 people have attended the festival screenings which featured more than 400 titles from 43 different countries. Each film, has  become an essential part of the history of Anima Mundi, revealing the diversity and the excellence of the animation art as the language we have elected for the expression and sharing of ideas and experiences.

We appreciate your partnership and confidence and hope to count again with your upcoming works in our next editions.

Here the complete catalog: