Mew Lab Retrospective at Be there! Corfu Animation Festival


Mew Lab are pleased to announce the Be there! Corfu Animation Festival will be screening a special retrospective containing ten of Mew Labs short films. The retrospective will be introduced by Directors Shaun Clark and Kim Noce and will take place between the 15th and 18th of October.

Artistic Director Vassilis Kroustallis commented:

“It is definitely not easy for independent animation to rise amongst the economic survival worries, especially in its most challenging (but fascinating) form, that of the investigation of the human psyche. The Mew Lab work shows how persistence, experimentation and artistic goal-setting are combined to give a result that always excites the senses and the intellect.”

Since its first edition, Be there! Corfu Animation Festival’s dedication to the European animation film sector with many tributes and guests is recognized at institutional level; it is one of the first festivals that has received the EFFE Label for its 5th edition, 15-18 October 2015.

The Festival’s promise is to continue having the same goals with a program that will promote art and animation artists in the best way possible, given the opportunity of a further cooperation with many European festivals and artists of the same kind.


MEW LAB: Burrowing Beyond The Surface

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Be there! In Short

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival is the new international animation festival, that includes Corfu, the capital of the Ionian Islands, as its point of reference. It aims to constitute a meeting point for animation artists from all over the world, in April 2011.

The art of animation is much wider in scope than the worldwide-known and lovable cartoon films. Common perception defines animation (in an informal albeit very precise way) as an art addressed to and inspired by the children. But the second leg of this proposed definition, the one that determines its wide scope, is erroneously absent. “An art that is addressed to and inspired by children of all ages, but also inspires those with the courage to think and the power to see what kids can see”.

However, the recent successes and artistic recognition of films such as Persepolis, The Triplettes of Belleville and Up gave us the impulse to seek imaginatively, but with due care to details, our festival goal. Animation films always tend to unfold the unbridled game of imagination, either in the form of stop-motion films with puppets, computer animation or traditional cel drawings.

This element of imagination attracts those who adore filmic messages, new trends in artistic expression, but also like to share intense sentiments -and thereby ‘activate’ their childhood self.

The objective of Be There! Corfu Animation Festival is to treat animation works with professionalism, and total respect for the creative effort that accompanies the 8th art. It also aims to educate (an essential that has conditioned the art of animation), and its various festival activities relate equally to children, adults, visitors, institutions, and all those with an eye to learning and experiencing through art.

Be There! Corfu Animation Festival is a four-day celebration of animation, but does not forget to advertise art and artistic merit in all its forms, combined with an educational glance and a time for entertainment.

The festival is here to stay. This year’s program involves a short-film competitive section, feature-length films, but also director retrospectives and novel tributes, Greek premieres, and multiply acclaimed films. Our agenda includes collobarations with other animation festivals, workshops & speaker panels, and of course, children workshops (Kids, Be there!)

For those of you who create and express yourselves through animated films, this is an opportunity to submit your film.

Starting from Corfu, a traditionally rich point of artistic and cultural reference, you will be given the opportunity to share the magic and joy of the image, ideas and sentiment. Our exciting journey starts on April 7, 2011. Be there!

Be there! Team