The evening her mind jumped out of her head at Monstra

THE EVENING HER MIND JUMPED OUT OF HER HEAD will be screened as part of  competition in session 5 at Monstra on the 11 march 8pm



A few words from the festival director


It is said, that the most important areas of intellectual thought are Philosophy and Art. Both integrate wisdom, knowledge, emotion, ideas, the truth. They are the vanguard for (re)building the world.

And the vanguard builds itself, moment by moment, not only through the repetition of positive results, but also through their consolidation, investing continuously in the processes which led to it.

We consolidate MONSTRA in Lisbon. In 2016, we will be in 32 theaters, 61 schools and 12 universities. We will take MONSTRA and MONSTRINHA to 10 cities in Portugal, and to more than two dozen on the five continents. From Timor to Brasília, from Arras to Buenos Aires, from Berlin to São Paulo and from Maputo to Vienna. We also organized the fifth edition of MONSTRA in France, which began with 300 attendees in 2002, and reached over 5,500 in 2016.

We gathered, and showed to all, in each of those years, some of the most important works of art ever produced. Despite the fact that animation film is only 123 years old, it is of the vanguard that we speak, when we see on the screens of MONSTRA 2016 the 605 films we chose for this edition.

Two hundred and thirty-eight are in competition as Full-Length Features, Shorts, Student Films, Super Shorts, the Vasco Granja Prize, and MONSTRINHA. Of these, approximately 200 are world, European or national premieres.
This edition is marked by the number 25 – just as in the frame per second rate of digital systems, which create the illusion of movement.

It is exactly 25 years since the Independence of Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia, three of the seven young countries which formed, up until twenty-five years ago, the single country of Yugoslavia.

In addition to these, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, inherited the Zagreb School, the “savoir faire” that remains and compels, even today, the new generations of Directors out of these new countries. During this journey to the animation of the former Yugoslavia, we will remember older works of art from this celebrated school, together with the best of today from the young, free and independent nations, through the 165 films carefully chosen.
Twenty-five is also the age of the two most important film production houses in Portuguese animation. In this edition, we will visit and commemorate, through film, exhibitions, and a concert, the history of Animais and Animanostra.

25 is also the number of awards to be given out at MONSTRA 2016.

But MONSTRA is also comprised of exhibitions – seven in total, 20 Workshops, Master classes by some of the great animation masters from around the world, music and interactivity.

MONSTINHA maintains its annual dialogue with students, professors and families, through encountering the films, as well as moderated workshops and sessions, this year also including ongoing sessions for babies.
As the bicycle is gaining ground in the city, there will be the first BIKE IN, animation for and about bicycles, for those alone who have bicycles, and who are…”animated”.

And much, much more…

When we began the process, three years ago, of organzining a retrospective of the countries which had formed part of the former Yugoslavia, many questions arose. The main one being, how to throw into the same “hat” countries which had been united under the same flag, but which have today, and not always through peaceful means, created their independence?

The answer/solution came with the practices which manifested themsleves. Despite some pain and friction, these remained in the political realm. Art continues to be the strong connecting link between humans, apart from their differing ideas.

And here we are, with a vast and balanced program, made possible by support from all the countries, authors and curators involved.

It’s good to be a part of a community, of a world which unites us…through Art.

Fernando Galrito
(Artistic Director, MONSTRA)


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