Moscow International Experimental Film Festival screen “Neck and Neck” and “Love In Idleness”

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Moscow International Experimental Film Festival will screen “Neck and Neck” and “Love In Idleness” as part of this years festival.

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival is the first in its kind in Russia. The festival gives an excellent opportunity for both Russian artists and filmmakers together with talent from around the world to showcase their work side by side and to reach out to a wider audience in our country, promoting this valuable approach in seeing things differently in film.

MIEFF is launched for the first time by a strong ambition to create a festival that fully devotes itself to a well-deserved and close up look at a wide range of experimental categories. This guarantees exclusive and thorough attention to talents that might have previously been overlooked by the vast number of conventional filmmaking festivals that only spare a small corner for experimental categories within their programmes.

 Our priority here is to showcase the best and most interesting work side by side, hopefully giving very gifted people the opportunity to showcase their talent and for the audience to have a real gasp of fresh air over the running days of our festival.