32nd Imagine Film Festival screens Neck and Neck


Neck and Neck will make its Netherland Premiere at the 32nd Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam. Imagine presents the best in fantasy, science fiction, horror, anime, martial arts and cult.

In 1991, in the Alhambra Theatre on the Weteringschans the first Weekend Of Terror laid the foundation for the current Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. During this weekend were lovers of horror movies relish the better splatter and horror. But Weekend Of Terror was also a haven for movie lovers who diligently in another Italian zombie fest collapsed, but it was also agreed that the work of David Cronenberg deserved serious attention. With Cronenberg retrospective in 1984, the festival was ahead of its time, while with selections from the work of Lucio Fulci (1987) and Herschell Gordon Lewis (1991) prevailing views about quality were challenged. Meanwhile, the AFFF grown into a ‘player’ in the festival circuit, while paying attention to films from various genres. Thus organized the AFFF in 2004 the Golden Méliès Gala, when prices for the best European fantastic long and short film were presented. Furthermore, saw the AFFF his adult status recently confirmed by the awarding of the (four-year) grants by both the Ministry of Education and the City of Amsterdam. Since 2009, the festival has a new name: Imagine Film Festival. With the name change, the organization wants to emphasize that the festival has become more focused on films that can not be strictly defined as fantasy, horror or science fiction over the years. In 2013, the festival moved to the EYE Film Institute Netherlands in Amsterdam North.