Animafest Zagreb screens “Deep beneath the earth”

591de37c-b229-4f01-8451-c18ca32bd249After reviewing more than 1600 submitted films from 76 countries across the world, Animafest Zagreb proudly presents the official selection results and “Deep beneath the earth” will screen at this years festival.

Animafest is a festival by the filmmakers for the filmmakers. Creative animation, in all its different forms – from traditional drawings, to stop motion, CGI, to most experimental cross-media explorations – has been the focus of attention since the very beginning. Filmmakers from all four corners of the world know that coming to Zagreb means joining friends, benevolent colleagues and an audience that recognises, appreciates and loves their works. You can meet all of them, from the biggest named boasting outstanding filmographies, to the up and coming new talents and students, in a theatre seat next to yo

The central event of the rich Animafest 2017 Children and Youth Programme is the Films for Children Competition, an international selection of 47 films from all over the world. The films were selected by the Slovenian media psychologist Martina Peštaj, the editor of Children and Youth Programming with Radio Television Slovenia, who  categorised  the entries according to their suitability into four age groups (4-7, 7-10, 10-14 and 14+), all clearly marked next to each film.

The third section (10-14 years of age)contains many  humour and action suitable for this age group. Some protagonists rediscover the beauty of nature which they have, living in a world surrounded by modern technology (Deep Beneath the Earth)

All in all, this year’s vintage in the Films for Children Competition is as diverse as can be: a bit breath-taking, a bit sad, but mostly quite amusing – just like our own lives. All the films convey messages to inspire children and young audiences and encourage them on their way through life and animation art.